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The only eye brushes you need! Zoeva Rose Golden, Volume 2

Yes,yes, in the title I have made a rather bold statement but I honestly stand by it. The Rose Golden complete eye brush set, volume 2 (phew, that’s a mouthful!) is my top pick for brushes. Notice I didn’t mention “eye brushes”, that was intentional because the use of these babies is not limited to the eye! I firmly believe that a good set of brushes makes all the difference with your makeup application, you might be doing all the right steps but end up with a “meh” result, yep been there! With the right brushes you can take it from “meh” to “daaaamn” real quick quite effortlessly. They are so versatile that it can be used for an array of things, coupled with the quality of them and it’s definitely a worthy investment. Before we delve further into the review I want to point out the boring but important stuff:

Retails for £65.00 at the following online retailers (they ship internationally):

I understand that the price is a bit steep for brushes – BUT- it works out to be approximately £5.41 per brush (without taking into account the pouch) which is peanuts in comparison to other brushes currently in the market, especially those whose quality rivals that of the Zoeva brushes.

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On to the good stuff!

The set consists of 12 eye brushes of which 4 are made of synthetic bristles and 8 of natural hair (goat/pony). This is something I really value about the set as it allows me to have better control of eye makeup application. Leave me a comment if you wish to learn about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of both the materials. The set comes housed in a very beautiful rose gold pouch, pictured above.

Breakdown of the brushes and its uses:

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  • 221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush – Brilliant brush to blend out your eye shadows seamlessly. I even use this if I want a very precise contouring without looking like it has been contoured. It’s tiny but it carves out those cheekbones like a treat, not harsh at all and no it doesn’t take as long as you’d imagine with a smaller brush. Perfect.
  • 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush – This was designed for pressed and loose pigments which I imagine it will be good at, I personally use this for setting and “baking” the under eye area. It picks up product well and the flat surface allows for an easy application.
  • 228 Crease Brush – This brush is often compared to the 217 by mac, and rightfully so. This is my most used of them all it’s perfect for blending out eye shadow, I cannot complete a look without this! Should you ever apply way too much product at once then this works a charm to blend it all out. You can achieve a smokey eye with just this! I also use this for powder highlighting, the tapered nature of the brush means it picks up and applies highlight to a targeted area and diffuses it out very softly, resulting in a natural, lit from within look – my preferred way to highlight. You can build up the intensity with this too though if that’s your cup of tea.
  • 231 Luxe Petit Crease Brush – Love! This fits into the crease of the eye so snugly, despite being somewhat a pencil brush it’s still fluffy enough to blend out shadows as well as apply. If I’m doing a cut crease I usually use this as it applies and blends without being overly soft and smokey. Probably my second most used brush of the set, I really need to stock up on the singles of this!


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  • 322 Brow Line Brush – I just let my brows be as they are 99.9% of the time *gasp*, but if I wish to give it a neater appearance I would use this under my brows with concealer or through my eyebrows with shadow. Also good to tidy any lipstick with concealer.
  • 230 Luxe Pencil Brush – I have a very small, hooded eyelid so normally larger brushes end up butchering the entire look. The triangular pencil brush is ideal for precise application. I usually use this to darken the crease as it applies to a small area so no accidents caused with too much dark shadow all at once- we’ve all been there.
  • 310 Spot Liner Brush – This little brush is perfect for my tiny eyelids, using this I can line my eyes without looking like I have been punched or that I have no eyelids- trust me there’s a very fine line (get it xD) between flattering liner and scary liner. I use this with gel eyeliner. It’s a little bit hard I must say but not so much so that it’s unpleasant, I suppose it’s that firmness that results in a crisp wing.
  • 238 Luxe Precise Shader Brush – I absolutely adore this brush! It’s so versatile, definitely my most used of them all. I use this to apply inner corner highlight, shadows on my lash line, blend out winged eyeliner, apply colour on the centre of the eyelid. You can even use it as a lip brush! Told you it’s a versatile brush!


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  • 142 Concealer and Buffer Brush – In all honestly, this is my least used of them all. It’s far too densely packed for it’s intended purpose which quite frankly makes it painful to use under the delicate under eye area. I don’t fancy stabbing myself around the eye, thank you. However having said that, it’s ideal to spot conceal other areas of the face such as any blemishes you may have.
  • 235 Contour Shader Brush – Perfectly suited to the natural contour of the eye, you can effortlessly apply and blend colours using this, particularly on the outer-v. I also use this for brow bone highlight if I’m feeling fancy.


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  • 232 Luxe Classic Shader Brush – Though I usually prefer using my fingers for packing on colour to the eyelid, this is good alternative. It basically does what it has to do, no lah-di-dah uses.
  • 325 Luxe Brow Light Brush – This is meant for brow bone highlight but I feel like it’s far too big for that. I use this to pack on colours to the eyelid if at all – not a fan of this brush it’s too big for my features.

Also worth noting is that often brushes tend to shed or lose it’s shape after a few washes but not with these! It has never shed even a single bristle on me and I’ve had these for close to two years now. It’s maintained the original shape despite the many showers it take. So yes, definitely a worthy investment.

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