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Miracle Skin Saviour! Fullers Earth

Asalamu Alaykum (Peace be with you),

Hope you’re all doing well. Firstly, thanks so much for the incredible amount of positive feedback on my previous and first ever blog post, truly so humbled as never in a million years did I anticipate such brilliant reception so soon, Alhamdulilah!(Praise be to God)

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So I was doing my usual scroll of the gram (@ruqhaiya) when I stumbled upon the profile of Iris Garden (@irisgardensl) , an indie company based in the sunny isle of Sri Lanka! They promote only one product, organic fullers earth (SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES), of which I have heard great things about. Sadly fullers earth isn’t readily available in England but thankfully I had it purchased from Iris Garden (read on to find out where you can get it from!) and sent down to me through loved ones abroad, oh happy days! 😀

Miracle Skin Care  Fullers Earth Iris Garden LK.jpg

You get 100g of product for Rs 1,150 (Approximately £6), not bad at all.

A spoonful to a spoonful and a half of fullers earth is sufficient for the entire face, it has to be made into a paste using water, I personally add rose water for it’s calming properties. A round of applause for the packaging, so creative and convenient with the measuring spoon! No last minute scrambling around for cutlery. Also worth mentioning is that all parts of the packaging seem to be recyclable, double whoop!

Miracle Skin Care Fullers Earth - Iris Garden LK

On the packaging it is advised to keep the mask on for 15 minutes or until it dries, I chose the latter option and washed it off with lukewarm water.

OKAY so I’m going to be very honest with you and not fluff it up – the first time I used it I had a reaction. I was in the process of mending my skin from an earlier adverse reaction to another product and upon using this and having a minor breakout I kind of freaked out. I naturally have very sensitive skin that must’ve been part of the reason, so with the knowledge that fullers earth is pretty much the golden egg in skincare I persevered and continued to use it! For reference, I have sensitive combination skin and I apply this on alternate days. This works out to be around 3 times a week.

I’m SO pleased that I did, my skin has taken a turn for the better again it’s even healing the other reaction I had which I mentioned above. I now realise that the breakout would have been a purge from impurities already under my skin, the fullers earth was just drawing it out.

Within one week of use the changes in my skin:

  • calmer
  • softer (incredibly soft, like a baby’s bottom :P)
  • visibly smoother (gets rid of those tiny under the skin bumps)
  • reduction in the appearance of pores
  • clearer

It has replaced the other exfoliating masks in my skincare routine, and that’s a huge thing for me to do as I’m quite religious with my routine.

For all you lovelies within Sri Lanka, you can purchase it from retailers such as Watsans, Fancy point and Glamours. There are other’s listed on their website too:

For my ladies abroad – I contacted the good people at Iris Garden and they informed me that as of May they will ship internationally. In the meantime, the have recently partnered up with through which you can purchase and have it shipped to you, fantastic!

Miracle Skin Care, Fullers Earth - Iris Garden LK

If there must be a negative to this product then I wish it was clear exactly how much water to add to make the right consistency because currently it’s a case of trial and error. Too much and it’s all water causing you to add more earth into it, too little and it’s a way too thick to apply. Not too big of an issue but perhaps something that could be avoided with better guidance.

Despite that, I will highly recommend this and will definitely be repurchasing this, I’m already worried about it running out on me without a back-up on hand!

Ruqhaiya’s star rating: ★★★★★



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*DISCLAIMER* Though the product is stated to be suitable for all skin types, if you have very sensitive skin do a patch test first. All opinions on this blog are based on my personal use and experience I cannot guarantee the same outcome or take responsibility for adverse reactions for it is a factor beyond my control.

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