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One Lovely Blogger Award

Asalamu Alaykum! (Peace be with you),

Firstly, so sorry I’ve been MIA on the blogging front of late! I’ve been abroad and had no opportunity to get any work done unfortunately. Missed you all and your wonderful blogs! However, I have come back to such a pleasant surprise! The lovely Bella of Bella Inizio has kindly chosen me as one of her nominees for the “One Lovely Blogger” award! Thank you Bella! Do take a moment to check out her blog, it’s one of my favourites on here.


  1. Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in post
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
  3. Must add 7 facts about them Then nominate 15 people


  1. I’m very sociable and can make friends easily which I love to do, a trait that apparently shines a very convincing light on me too as I’ve been told one too many times to go into the marketing sector…hmm.
  2. I can twist my right arm pretty much all the way around from the elbow down. You can feel and hear it…it grosses everyone out – the reaction is priceless! :’D
  3.  I am terribly afraid of cats! I’ll just stand there and cry when I see one…or scream. *shudders at the thought*
  4. I got married super young (19!) a very alien thing in the UK, people couldn’t get their heads around this at first and in a way expected it to not last, but I guess you know when you know. Still going strong! (Alhamdulilah/praise be to God). Allahuma barik lahum
  5. I still have baby teeth…yup even in my early twenties. Cool but also annoying because I was never allowed braces for that reason -.-
  6. I LOVE travelling/exploring, though I have a tendency to revisit the same places. I hope to branch out further and explore the beautiful creation that is the world. In Sha Allah (God Willing). When I’m in London I usually try to go out every weekend and explore a new corner of this vast and vibrant city I call home.
  7. Waffles are my life. No further explanation needed about that.


  1. Lauryn – Beauty by Laur
  2. Sarah – The Book Marauder
  3. Alice – Beauty with Alice
  4. Nikki – Establish Wander
  5. Azra – Simple Serenity
  6. Nivetha – Veethaa
  7. Nicole – Glamwarous
  9. Daniella – Make Up Your Mind x
  10. Julia – Makeup and Cosmetics Site

I also tag all of you! I look forward to seeing your blog posts! Feel free to connect with me on instagram @ruqhaiya I’m far more active on there. Thanks again Bella for the tag! Ladies take a look, you will adore her blog just as much as I do!





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