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How to get flawless/clear skin! Thing’s you are…or aren’t doing.

Asalamu Alaykum (peace be with you). Our faces are the first noticeable feature we posses when meeting someone new or even in general – we speak to the face in most live interactions…aside from the digital world that is. We all strive to achieve flawless skin for various reasons of our own but sometimes no matter what we do to take care of it, it just does not seem to happen, or last long enough if it does. Also, it might seem easy to cover things up with makeup but the reality is that your makeup is only as good as the skin underneath, besides, makeup daily isn’t healthy unless you *really* take care of your skin! Hopefully this post will set off some alarm bells in things you are doing that you shouldn’t be, or things that you really must introduce into your lifestyle.

Do bear in mind that I’m no accredited skin so-and-so but the knowledge I share with you is either through personal experience (I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin so I learnt the hard way), or observing/looking into and thereafter solving others skin dilemmas.

First and foremost – the basics. These are absolutely fundamental not only to your skin which by the way, is the largest organ in your body so take care of it as you would any other. If you already know this skip and scroll down for the lifestyle factors affecting your skin.

  1. WATER! This is the ultimate foundation you need in your life. ..Beauty it? So punny, oops I did it again 😛 My favourite drink, yes I’m that weirdo that prefers a cup of water over anything else. Truth be told, lately I’ve been a bit poor on my water intake – beyond my control mind you- and it’s already taken a toll on my skin. Water flushes out toxins, plumps and hydrates the skin – well hydrated skin lessens the chances of breakouts. Also, dehydrated skin is more prone to wrinkles! A lot of people don’t favour drinking water as it has no apparent taste, so if you’re one such person perhaps try infused water by adding some pieces of fruit. It’s pretty to look at too – all the more reason to pick up that glass haha xD
  2. Balanced diet- I once went through a terrible phase in which I would binge eat all types of junk food, this lasted around 2 week straight and lo and behold – hello breakouts. My point being, what you feed the inside is what you’ll get on the outside. Feed yourself a well balanced diet, all those nutrients are what your body- and skin crave. I’m guilty of eating a lot of chocolate so I don’t eat anything else with sugar..that’s also balanced right 😛 okay maybe not. Don’t worry I love my greens…a lot. A good way to incorporate vitamins and nutrients into diet if you don’t fancy eating a bunch of fruit and veg would be smoothies/green juices! These are delicious and healthy, packed nothing but wins for your inside and out. large
  3. Keep fit – So now you’re feeding yourself right but you need to get the nutrients to your skin cells, what better way to do so than working out, it allows for better blood circulation which therefore effectively delivers the goodies to your skin while sweating out the nasties, it’s like hitting two mangoes with one stone! Try to work out at least every other day if not every day. Also – for the love of God, don’t be one of those strange people that wear makeup to the gym, like- why? Open pores and makeup is like a one way ticket to breakouts. Don’t. Do. It.
  4. Sleep –  It’s called the fountain of youth for a reason. Your mind needs it, your body needs it. Resting helps rejuvenate the molecules to give your skin a glowing complexion, and plumpness. Our bodies repair/recover while we sleep, naturally this includes our skin. Ever notice the difference in appearance after a good nights sleep compared with say the day of exams when you’ve been up all night studying? Nope…that doesn’t allow you to be snow white or sleeping beauty though.


Now that the basic points are covered here are some lifestyle factors that may affect the quality of your skin:

Your phone! With the smartphone revolution having taken over the world, all we do is tap tap tap away. Our fingers house millions of germs which we constantly transfer on to our devices, often the very ones we hold against our face to take and make calls with. Eeek. Try to sanitize your phone daily with an antibacterial cleaner of some sort, when I’m in a rush I even use my trusty hand sanitizer for the job.


Stop touching your face! Yes it’s comfy to rest your head on your hand but for the same reason as the above avoid it, especially when you have existing breakouts – it’ll just make it worse. Bringing me to my next point –

DON’T pop spots-  Not only will it spread the germs leading to more spots, it’ll also leave scars which are hard to clear. I found that when you pop spots it’s likely to return in that area frequently as opposed to leaving it alone however hard it may be to resist the need to pop it. Just don’t.

Change your pillowcase – While your bedding can be changed bi- weekly, your pillows should be changed every few days, or even once a week at most. Your skin cells shed on that, and it also gathers dust/germs etc which will be against your face for x amount of hours each day/night. *shudders at the thought*

Avoid fragrance/minerals – Products that include fragrances generally cause skin irritation especially for those with sensitive skin, it’s better to avoid it – the smell will fade away while its after effects might be disastrous. Minerals on the other hand generally clog pores, which again is a factor that causes breakouts.

Don’t sleep with makeup on! Your skin needs to breathe, repair and recover. Being bathed in makeup won’t allow this and it’ll just clog your pores which I guess we all know by now isn’t fun.

Know your skin type and purchase products targeted for that –There really is no point buying a product which doesn’t cater to your skins needs, just because it works for someone else it might not be for you also bringing me on to –

Don’t over do it- Have a simple and effective skincare routine and stick to it.

That’s about it folks, as with anything I would like to end this by pointing out that prevention is always better than cure so I hope this post is beneficial to you. I also want to point out that this post was based around lifestyle factors affecting your skin. If you suffer from severe acne and/or other skin conditions I would suggest you consult a doctor in the event that it may need to be treated with medicines. Also, some skin problems are brought on by hormonal factors or health conditions one such condition is poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, commonly known as PCOS which many females suffer from. In these instances I can’t guarantee that my tips will be entirely effective but I hope it helps in any way. Take care of yourself and know when to seek medical help.



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