Asalamu alaykum! (Peace be with you),

Hope you’re all well! It feels like ages since I wrote to you all even though I did a cheeky mid week post about my new logo.

So this week’s post was supposed to be a Colourpop haul…however as many of you may know they recently had free international shipping..how can I resist. I caved and made a small order. So I think it will be better to do both orders/ hauls in one, that way you have a better variety all at once rather than two separate posts. I can’t get enough  of their stuff and have already planned my next order, naughty I know.🙈🙊 In my defence I placed a makeup ban on myself and followed it firmly by it for about 7 months so YAY me I’ll take it all now, haha.

Take care girlies.