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Pan ‘N’ Ice

Asalamu Alaykum (Peace be with you).  How are you doing today?

I’ve been incredibly busy to do list is never ending but since I’m only going to get busier as of next week I thought I will post a sneaky blog out of my regular blogging routine. This time it’s about a new dessert pop up in London! Read on to find out more…

2016 was the year of rolled ice cream, or at least in the internet world it was, more specifically, on Instagram. Almost everyone and their nan all over the world (No offence to nan’s, you are all awesome) was sharing a video of their rolled ice cream being made. Yet, most of us unfortunate Brits were only blessed enough to view and salivate through our devices as there was no outlet from which we could purchase our own.

Luckily for us the lovely chaps at Pan ‘N’ Ice knew the feeling all to well and made it their business to treat us with rolled ice cream! Thaaaaaank you gents, you are the real MVP’s!

Recently they opened a permanent spot at Westfield Stratford City, it’s a bit of a treck to get get there and more so to navigate through the massive mall and surrounding area to reach their van but once you do it’s totally worth the journey!

It’s basically cream I suppose with whatever ingredient you desire that the mash up and make into rolls. Each serving costs between £4-£5 approximately, dependent on your choice of flavour and any additional toppings.

I like the quirky yet cute approach of the business with their funky colours and decor to their tongue-in-cheek names! No kidding, “Kinky Kinder” and “You know you want it” are just two examples.Untitled-2.gif

I ordered Kinky Kinder (Kinder Bueno & FerreroRocher) and oh my, it’s SO yummy! It just sort of melts in your mouth with Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Bueno and cream oozing through! Mmmm! A texture slightly different to ice cream but equally if not more so, delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be heading back.

Mind you at the time there was only one gentleman serving, but the queues were LONG. We waited about 20 to 30 minutes and it wasn’t even a hot day in fact it was cold and rainy as is the norm in lovely England so I can’t imagine how it would be on a hot summers day. I’m not complaining though, the reason for such a large queue is pretty obvious, they sell great stuff. It’s hard work and painful on the arms, all the more reason to appreciate the sweet treat a little more!

Have you guys tried ice cream rolls before or Pan N Ice? What did you think of it? I’d love to know!

I can’t wait to head back 😊

Ruqhaiya’s star rating: ★★★★


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  1. I didn’t even read that title, but that ice cream looked so good, I had to click on this post!! Reading this makes me want to grab for my bucket of ice!!! xoxo Sarah

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