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Colourpop Haul/First Impression

Asalamu Alaykum! (Peace be with you), I hope you are all well and enjoying the long bank holiday weekend and pleasant weather we’ve been blessed with in the UK… if you aren’t from here I do hope it’s pleasant wherever you may be! 🙂

As the title suggests, this weeks review will be about my Colourpop haul with first impressions. I mentioned here that I was waiting for my latest order from Colourpop so that I can do a combined haul review so here it is! By the way, the Brit in me absolutely loves the use of British English spelling of “colour” by an American brand -YAS! Moving swiftly on…when they first launched, Colourpop was a fairly small, indie company based in LA, but thanks to social media marketing and an array of affordable products they grew VERY BIG, VERY FAST. Definitely a well recongnised brand in the beauty industry now.

I was a bit skeptical at first, considering the price tag of the products, I mean, how can something so affordable be any good? Wrong. It’s not just good – it’s bloomin’ marvelous. There, I said it. It’s not a brand that is easy to get hold of in the UK, but thankfully last year they introduced international shipping, YAY!

TIP: Free international shipping on orders over $50! (that works out to be about 8-10 products worth- brilliant!


Word of warning: If you, like me, live in the UK – do brace yourself for the customs and royal mail delivery fees, sadly no escaping those, my friend! …Unless your order is less than £15. *NOTE* My most recent order was slammed with customs charges despite being less than £15 worth, due to Colourpop declaring the value of the parcel wrong…unfair! I am really mad about that because I paid almost as much as I did for my earlier order of about £60…hmmm how do the maths come in play for that calculation? Just keep that in mind. I will say this though despite their pretty crappy customer service (they reply to emails with content copied and pasted from their FAQ page), and the customs charges if any, the products are still a good value for money. Hate to admit but I’d probably repurchase…their stuff is just too damn good for the price.

I now have 3 different formulas of lip products:


Ultra Matte Liquid Lip (UM) $6: Very matte, lasts a long time but can be uncomfortably drying on the lips. Also prone to getting flaky and settling into fine lines, this makes it hard to reapply. Very important to exfoliate and hydrate lips prior to use. Lasting power is great- it lasts forever unless you eat oily foods. It can flake though, mind you. Watery texture dries way too fast so you have to work quickly with it for an even application. The packaging is much like a traditional lip gloss with the doe foot applicator but the metallic elements on the packaging come off after some time.


Ultra Satin Liquid Lip (US) $6: GIRL let me tell you! Satin finishes are my preference when it comes to anything – lipsticks, foundation, highlight etc so I’ve had my fair share of experience with other products promising the same. This formula is amazing and does not disappoint! It’s so creamy and most of all so comfortable to wear, does not flake either which was my issue with the Ultra Matte formula. It lasts a long time – over 7 hours for me without any topping up,. It doesn’t dry matte though but..almost, so a true satin. As it doesn’t dry completely matte it can feel a tad bit tacky on the lips for a while. For the same reasons, this formulation can transfer, so keep that in mind. I will probably stick to this formula for future purchases, I wish Colourpop offered us all shades in all the formulas, sigh. I suggest this over the Ultra Matte formula. Packaging same as the UM.


Lippie Stix (LS) $5: I LOVE IT. Bullet x lip pencil hybrid. Buttery, soft goodness these are. Easy to apply, plenty of product despite being similar to a traditional bullet. Dries almost matte… you can pass as matte. Lasts a long time but does transfer. I really enjoy this formulation and so do my lips. Again, another that I would purchase over the Ultra Matte formula. Highly recommend you try it out. DSC_0066@


  • Love bug (UM) -dark terracotta/brick colour. SO unique &beautiful! You need this in your life, enough said.
  • Avenue (UM) – deep yellow toned red. Amazing red for warmer complexions!
  • Tulle (UM) – very dark vampy plum.
  • Limbo (UM) -DARK, dark, brown. Looks almost black on me :L
Tulle, Love Bug, Limbo, Avenue
  • Echo Park (US) – warm peachy nude – I see this working for all sorts of looks! Perfect nude lip for warm complexions, especially those with a medium/olive skin tone. I wouldn’t really recommend it for darker skin types as it may make you seem a bit washed out. My current favourite nude lip! Totally in love.
  • Beeper (UM) – Purple toned nude – I’m on the fence with this one. I love me a nude lip but for me this isn’t that..its just dull.  Looks nothing like the picture on the Colourpop site… as with most of the products. I have to wear it a bit more to see how I like it…so far it isn’t too great. Having said that, I think this will be perfect on darker complexions.
Kapish, Beeper, Echo Park, Frick N Frack
  • Frick N Frack (US) – Berry pink. LOVE it, I would say it’ll be flattering on all skin tones! It seems like the younger, softer sister, to Tulle.
  • Kapish (LS) – Warm medium brown – I love this. This delivers the hopes I had for Limbo, such a beautiful, wearable brown. Totally see myself wearing this shade a lot, despite being an advocate for nude lipstick, haha.
Taken in daylightt, no flash. No primer/base underneath
Daylight, no flash, no primer/base underneath

TIP: The shades look a LOT darker in real life, than the image provided on CP website, and the tubes! Hopefully my swatches helped!
I want to try the lip pencils, blotted lip and lip glosses next as well as stock up on more Ultra Satin liquid lips and the lippie stix!

3 Super Shock Highlighters ($8):
*Moment of adoration for the formula of these* It’s not cream, nor is it powder- its somewhere between the two! Nope, not even gel! Whatever it is is so buttery and smooth, you’ll just want to dunk your fingers into it like a stress ball or something. When I was trying to figure out the formula of my highlighter I asked my husband what he thought it was made of…he ended up leaving a giant dent (you’ll see below). Yup that nice, but equally “squishy”. It’s weird, it’s nice, I like it.

L-R: Wisp, Buterfly Beach, Candyman. The huge line in the middle of Candyman was a result of me trying to do some creative photography, it was a fail and it ended up rolling off and denting the centre and burning it’s edges on my tealight 😦

The pigmentation is out of this world! One swipe and the pay off is astounding, I would recommend finger application as opposed to brush for maximum pay off. The formula doesn’t really allow for fall out, but that also means brushes don’t pick up product well. For a diffused look you can blend out with a blending brush afterwards.

Wisp – Champagne/Pearl – This will work for all skin tones! This now my number 1 – HOLY GRAIL highlighter. I reach for it almost every time I do my makeup, so versatile that I can use it for a natural lit from within glow to a reflect-off-everything-wear-sunglasses blinding highlight, depending on application method and intensity. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE.
Butterfly beach – True rose gold. This is beautiful very natural looking glow for all skin tones. I need to give this more love but Wisp takes all my attention- all the time. How greedy of Wisp.
Candyman – Bronze/copper. This is too dark for me to wear as a highlight unfortunately, but I will totally be using this as an eyeshadow!

ONE swipe!! Taken in daylight, no flash or primer/base underneath.

3 Super Shock Eyeshadows ($5):

The formulation of these is exactly the same as the highlighters so I won’t bore you with the exact same description…lets jump straight into the shades!

L-R: DGAF, Muse, Static

DGAF – Warm brown/terracotta with gold specks. Almost duo chrome! (Shimmer). It’s so, so beautiful! I find it a bit intimidating to wear on my eyelids though because its so sparkly xD Love it nonetheless. PERFECT for brides!
Muse – Rose (Shimmer)
Static – Aubergine (Satin)


One swipe, no base/primer underneath. Taken in daylight, no flash.

These 3 shades are a must have for everyone! They are wearable for all occasions and generally easy to wear colours.

That’s all for now folks, I hope you enjoyed reading this and more so found it beneficial! Let me know your thoughts on my post, and your must haves from Colourpop (comment below)! If you end up purchasing anything following this review I would LOVE to know how you got on!

Take care, until next time,
Ruqhaiya xo

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