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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Asalamu Alaykum (Peace be with you)! I hope you’re all doing well!

Today’s blog post is one that has been highly requested by many so here we go!
Kiehl’s is definitely one of my favourite skin care brands and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (MRC) happens to be one of my skin saviours. But this product is one that causes quite come speculation due to its odd nature and seemingly expensive price tag but somehow award winning and very popular. How? What is it? Do I need it? Hopefully I answer some of those queries you may possess.


It’s a facial oil/elixir consisting of essential botanical oils and fatty acids, such as evening primrose oil, lavender and the star of the show, squalane. It’s intended purpose is to replenish hydration and restore the healthy appearance of skin over time. I can vouch for this!

Yeah ok but what’s a god damn serum?

Serums/Elixirs/Facial Oils are different to moisturizers in that they contain concentrated amounts of “goodies” for your skin and their thin formulation allows deep penetration into your skin while a regular moisturiser would sit atop and sort of “seal” your skin from external factors like the weather for instance and of course protect the skin. The “goodies” can vary of course depending on your skin type and concern. Generally it consists of highly active friendly acids and botanical oils – the latter beinf the case with this one, as mentioned above😁

How I Use it/Thoughts:

I use about 2.5 to 3 drops every night – tapping it onto my skin post toner, pre moisturiser- once dispensed, I distribute the products on to most of my finger tips and tap all over quickly, works as a great facial massage and increases the blood circulation to the area which is important for optimum effect of your products and skin overall. By morning my skin is visibly radiant and healthy looking. With gradual use I found that it diminishes any dark spots and scarring, however this doesn’t improve skin discolouration. I feel like the overall radiance of my skin has improved with long term use of this bottle of magical potion. As this is a highly concentrated oil applying too much of this will result in a pesky break out so don’t go too overboard with it, especially if your skin isn’t particularly dry. However, when I do feel a breakout coming on – not one that was a result of too much MRC, a natural breakout – I apply a bit of this directly on top and it heals so much faster or doesn’t come out at all. MAGIC!

Continued use of this has also reduced the production of excessive natural oils, while I still have combination skin, it now leans more towards the normal skin type. So to all my oily skinned beauties – don’t shy away from this thinking more oils to oily skin?! Befriend this and be loyal to it, your skin will improve vastly and become less oily!


Kudos to my husband dearest for this brilliant capture! He isn’t even a photographer!
Price tag:
Despite being a lover of makeup I am all for investing in quality skincare over makeup any day, the way I see it – you’re makeup is only as good as the skin beneath it and at the end of the day makeup washes off while your natural skin remains. This retails for £38 for 30ml which may seem steep for an oil, but in fact when compared to other facial oils this is actually decently priced. I mean, it’s the price of most high end eyeshadow palettes and I would point you in the direction of skincare over makeup!
I’ve had this for about 6 months now and I’m almost halfway through even while spilling a bit here and there…clumsy me.
I see this lasting me well over a year, making it a great value for money. I mean, even if it lasts 1 year it still works out to be about £2.50 a month! So please do purchase this you will love it, it’s worth every penny!

It comes in a blue glass vial-like bottle with a dropper. This makes it very fragile so I don’t recommend travelling with this, but oh so aesthetically pleasing. I love the apothecary feel to this, it looks beautiful and unique on my table!


Ruqhaiya’s star rating: ★★★★★
I highly recommend this and would give it more than a 5-star rating if there was such a thing. Will be repurchasing this! I can’t wait to try the day time counterpart to this that Kiehl’s has, as well as the newly released cleanser in this range.

*DISCLAIMER* All opinions on this blog are based on my personal use and experience I cannot guarantee the same outcome or take responsibility for adverse reactions for it is a factor beyond my control. For sensitive skin types I would suggest a patch test first, Kiehl’s offers you a 28 day guarantee or money back service.

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  1. That was such an amazing review, i have been wanting to get this for awhile but the high price always put me off, but i did not know this small bottle could last a year!! I think that’s so worth the price.
    I’ll definitely be buying this ASAP! Thanks for the great review!

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