Calling ALL bloggers – I need your help to make a MAJOR change! 

Asalamu Alaykum (peace be with you),

I hope you’re all doing very well. You may already be aware of this but Sri Lanka – the island of my ethnic origin, has been struck with floods and landslides recently due to the monsoon rains. It’s the worst natural disaster since 2003, surpassing the devestation caused by even the tsunami. So far over 550,000 approx have been victim to the floods by way of death, displacement or injury. 

You may be wondering how/why I am seeking your help in this… I recently started a just giving page to raise money to help those affected and essentially left with nothing. Sadly it hasn’t been performing as well as I anticipated. So I would greatly appreciate it if you wonderful girls would share the link to the just giving page on your blog posts. I think if we all come together it will give more exposure to the cause and hopefully collectively make a change to those suffering. 

I invite you to have a look at the just giving page below as I have written in detail how/why the money will help.

Also, whatever contribution you can make will make a HUGE difference. Less than 3 weeks to go make a change. If you share the page do let me know or link me in your post so I can personally thank you.

Thanking you,