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Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Review (Oil Free)

Asalamu Alaykum(peace be with you) lovelies, I hope you have been well. I’m back at last after forever and a day because- life. Oh how I have missed this! So I’m going to jump right in because I have a product I think everyone needs and will love!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser (Oil Free)

I absolutely love this. Let’s just put there out there firstly. The one I have here is the oil free version.

Prior to this I had never tried any Laura Mercier product but bought this on a whim before my travels to hot and humid Sri Lanka and I do not regret that decision. It made my life so much easier out there especially given the lack of time to sit and perfect my makeup.

To summarise: This is so so lightweight I barely feel it on my skin, yet it still gives me a soft focus, poreless, glowing from within perfected skin without the weight or hassle of a regular foundation. Honey if that’s not what you want to attain then what are you doing?!

Note: I did not include any swatches in this review as shades are subject to individuals complexion, also because the internet is full of them! BUT- I do give you a quick overview on the shade range below.


Application:Following my regular skincare routine I literally just apply it as I would a moisturiser and the best part is I don’t even need a brush to do so..I apply with my fingers, the warmth really helps melt it into the skin aaand base is done. Just like that, 20 seconds. I can leave it like that for a “my skin but better” day or continue with the rest of my makeup depending on

1) how bothered I am with makeup for the day

2)how much time I have.

But that’s irrelevant. The point is, it’s good enough worn alone and it’s perfectly fine when other products are layered atop.

If I want to go the extra mile I use with a dense buffing brush for that extra perfected but flawless look. It’s UNDETECTABLE!! I don’t know how but even when the shade range isn’t as extensive as foundations somehow it just adapts to your skin tone when you choose the closest match. Sorcery I tell you. But I bloody love the end result.

Hard facts:
Quantity: 40mL (10mL more than the usual 30mL we see!)
Finish: Dewy- think lit from within, not oil slick.
Longevity– With my combination skin I’m okay to go about 5.5 hours with this without any need for touch ups (I dont even bother setting it afer application because its fine for so long without) but on a particularly parched day I would say after 3/4 hours you may start to have oils break through. But the good thing is a bit of powder fixes that without an issue- no cake/flake. The product does not slip or break either even if you start to get oily!! Its just sooo easy to work with, so effortless. Uhhh… It’s a dream.
•No obvious fragrance
•Contains SPF 20
Packaging: Tube packaging with a screw cap, ideal for travelling but difficult to ascertain how much product is remaining.
Price: £34

The best part about this is the ease of use. Anyone rushing to school/work/uni will able to do what I do: apply and go without a worry. New mums…or any mums? Oh my goodness there isn’t a more better suited product for you, life’s hectic with a baby or a young family and there’s no spare time to pamper all while I know you’re probably unable to have enough self care sessions to pamper yourself and skin, and oh the tiredness- I know it all too well. This is your saviour. It’s a good night’s sleep and a perfect skin routine in a bottle in no time. Please treat yourself you need that self love/feel good moment more than anyone else since it’s so easy to forget yourself while caring for another.

I totally drifted off just there but it’s okay, mum’s need a special mention and appreciation okay? Okay.

The deal breaker question- would I repurchase this? Hell to the YAAAS!! Though I’m curious to try other brands versions of tinted moisturiser, particulars NARS, I would totally by think in a blink. It just works. It’s perfect. Okay, Okay. I’ll stop singing praises now.



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