Asalamu Alaykum all! (Peace be with you),

Thank for taking the time out and venturing into my newly created lifestyle blog, much appreciated.

A little insight: I’m 20 something year*young* beauty and photography enthusiast from the not so sunny UK! I’ve been following blogs for a while now and have been interested in creating my own little corner of the internet through which I can share things that are of interest to me or what I have been loving and think you will too. It took a while of contemplating whether I should or not but the feedback I got from my mini reviews on good ol’ Instagram (@ruqhaiya) was plentiful a reason to create this blog!

This is a lifestyle blog within which you will find reviews, recommendations etc of anything that falls under the above mentioned categories, it is in no way limited to beauty and photography..hint: I’m also a foodie with a strong case of the travel bug.